Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nathan Burch, half man, half lazer and 3/4 tat..... He'll be here 11th-13th of dec

My good buddy Nathan Burch, from 1896 tattoo in Logan Utah, will be tattooing with us here at Heart of gold tattoo from the 11th-13th. He's a great dude and an even better tattooer, come get a tattoo from Utah's tallest tattooer, he puts wizard magic in his tattoos. And he's from the future, he's half lazer half man..

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm trying not to yell in his mouth

Austin and I painted a sheet of gold hearts for the 50$ gold hearts thing, I'm psyched to do all of these images. Come get one and celebrate our 1 year anniversary! I have been able to do a lot of cool stuff lately, most of it isn't at a point where a photo would be too interesting looking, mainly just larger outlines. As always, thank you for looking

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a reminder

Matt is awesome! He's going to be doing a guest spot in Denver, from the 5th to the 10th. after that come by and get pierced once he's back in town

Friday, September 23, 2011

Shine On

So I painted this sheet, today between appointments, pretty psyched on it, I would LOVE to tattoo any of these images, Either this size or quite a bit larger. I think the snake on fire is a great idea for a large tattoo, like a back or a stomach. I have my next friday all the way open and I'll leave it that way in order to tattoo something off of this sheet or any of the others on this blog. Hit me up!!

So we're coming up on the 1 year anniversary here at Heart Of Gold Tattoo, so to celebrate we're having some friends in town to do some tattoos, all  are awesome, come get something sweet!
We'll also be doing 50$ gold hearts all of the month of October, come get one and party!

Ishamel Johnson will be here October the 5th-8th
Derek Merrit will be here the 14th-16th
Shawn McDonald will be here the 20th-24.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time flies, get tattoos that last!

I did this gal on my buddy Trevin, he hooked me up with some of the best produce
from his garden, its awesome!

                                 I did this dagger on Mr. Andy Carter, he sat like a champ!
                                  It was a good time catching up with Andy, he's a great guy
                              that I don't get to see enough of. He makes some sweet custom
                               motorcycle parts and builds some of the coolest motorcycles I've
                                ever seen. Check out his site and blog www.Pangeaspeed.com

                                        Austin and I did this sheet together, I'm really psyched
                                        on both sides. I did the right side, I did the gold heart,
                                      teeth, native gal, bulldog and gal with the heart and dagger.

                                   My buddy Derek and I did this sheet, Derek burned me, I like
                               this sheet a ton. I did the right side, with the wolf and spider web gal.
                               Derek will be doing a guest spot with us at Heart Of Gold Tattoo,
                                Salt Lake City, from the 14th of October to the 16th. Come get a sweet
                                tattoo from him and the other dudes that will be here.

                                     I painted this sheet a couple weeks ago, I really want to tattoo
                                    anything off of this sheet or the other sheets I've posted.

                                     I did this tattoo on my buddy Nic, he has been getting tattooed
                                     by me lately, he always wants cool stuff, I'm really happy
                                  with how this turned out, I think his arm frames the tattoo really well.

My buddy Zach Sandall and I did this sheet together, He did the left side
I did the right side, I would love to tattoo the torch really big on a stomach or chest..

                                 I did this gal a couple months back, on my buddy Kory, I drew this with
                              an Owen Jensen acetate stencil reference, I'm really happy with how it turned out.
                                  I hope I did the great OJ justice with this one.

                              We're also offering piercing, here at the shop now, by Matthew Draper

So I've been slacking on updating this, I suck, I need to keep up on it,
I've been staying busy and neglecting the blog, I'm sorry. I've been
painting a lot lately, doing some cool split sheets with some really good friends. 
I'll keep up on posting all of the sheets of flash we've painted and my own flash, I'm really psyched
with how everything is going!

I notice people think of flash as a bad thing, as if it was something less than their brilliant
dream they had and now want tattooed on themselves.. I'm not trying to be an asshole but
my friends and I hand paint our own flash, sometimes we use designs from the past, but
most of the time it's 100% our own original ideas. All of the flash I just posted is our own
original stuff. The thing thats awesome about us providing flash is that the image
has already been thought out to work as a tattoo, it's already strong enough to go on your arm.
The mechanics have already been figured out once we finish the drawing, if you don't want to pick something off the wall, thats fine, but all the stuff we paint and hang is also for you to look at and try to get an idea of what works and use them as a reference. From japanese background to a strong american eagle, the flash we paint and hang is here to convey what we want to do and it provides you with a good idea of how good tattoos work.

We also have flash hanging up that was painted by people that built this profession, the people we look up to, the people that broke their backs to keep getting better at their craft. The images are strong and work well as tattoos! The thing about tattoos is there isn't ANY single thing that hasn't been done, when you think about getting a tattoo don't think about it like you're a unique person for doing it, as a tattooer I want to make every tattoo unique, I'm not doing a unique thing by simply just tattooing you. The unique part is the time i spend tattooing you, the conversation and the image itself, I want to make every tattoo i give someone unique and I want it to be strong and hold up for the rest of your life. I can make an eagle you and me specific 2000 times over, its an awesome image that can be made to fit anybody.

I hope this rant doesn't make me seem like an asshole, I just want to try and offer some sort of answer to the folks out there that look down their nose at flash art. 
 Thanks for looking!!!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Larz lives his life like everyday is shark week

I did this shark on LJ today, he's my first shark week shark, I have a sheet of shark flash I have lined out, I just gotta paint it. Then I'll post it and just do sharks all day on saturday. I'll keep you updated

Friday, July 29, 2011

Shark week starts sunday

I made this gal on my buddy Nick, he was a champ, this is his 2nd tattoo and is ready for a few more. So as the title of this post says, its shark week, Austin, Ryan and I are wanting to tattoo sharks starting this sunday the 31st to the following sunday which is the 7th. So if you wanna live the rest of your life as if it were a lifetime of shark week, come in and get a shark..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So I have totally neglected a lot of things lately, this blog is one of them, but I have been busy with some stuff. here are a few tacks I've made since my last post, just some that I liked and thought I would throw out there. I'm working on some larger stuff and wanna show that stuff off once its closer to completion. I've been doing a lot of drawing lately, a lot of drawing with markers too, just trying to get myself to loosen up a bit and think about drawing and rendering in a different way. When I use markers to draw I care less and end up liking what I'm doing more. I started doing it because I really want to do some more oil painting and I feel I'm too rigid with my paintings. I need to loosen up more and care less about the end result... So I'll have some of that stuff to show, on here in the next little while.. I did the wrench on my buddy Gerald, I like to look at the picture as if the tattoo was on his thigh, it's hilarious to me.. I did the day of the dead skull on my good friend Matt, he recently started working for peta and moved to LA, so I made that on him as a parting gift. The panther image is a painting I did that is going to be a sticker, promoting this here blog. I did the roses on my friend Erin, she can deadlift and backsquat as much as me, she's tough as nails. The lemon tattoo is on a fella named Kelvin, I did one on his younger brother as well, they were both total champs at getting their tattoos and were a good time to hang out with and chat. The skull, is on my buddy Tom's hand, I was at Tom's house recently and checked out his awesome record collection, I'm not one for vinyl but I was way psyched to see all the gems he had. We had the pleasure of having the shop painted up with some really nice lettering lately, a gentleman by the name of Dan Hardcastle hand painted the lettering on the building for us, he is a true signmaker and is was awesome watching him work. And the free revok banner is self explanatory, Revok is an amazing artist and has inspired myself and plenty of my friends, over the years. FREE REVOK, tax dollars should be spent on ACTUAL criminal incarceration.... Anyway, thank you so much for looking!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Going to the bay with the lil lady

This is what the weather looked like in Salt Lake, it was awesome, a good day to hop on a plane to San Francisco.. I got to tattoo my good buddy Tyson, today, it's always good catching up with him, he's a solid dude and a gentleman. This week has been slower than the recent weeks, it was nice to be a bit slower, I outlined a couple sheets of flash and got a ton of new music!

I'm taking the wife to the SFC to celebrate her good grades in school, it's just a quick little weekend trip, but it'll be a good time. I'ma check out a couple of my regular bookstores, check out an outside crossfit class or two and eat some good food with Shelby.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The sign that guides the way

So I have totally neglected this blog, I am an idiot... Anyway, here are a few tattoos I've done in the las few weeks. I had quite a few really fun walk ins lately, the shop is doing well, we're getting busier and busier. I'm really excited for this summer, I might do a guest spot in Athens, Georgia in the fall, which will be awesome, I've never been to the south. I've recently been thinking about my tattooing and where I want to go with it, I've got some ideas about what I wanna do so now it's all about making that happen.

This weekend was the Salt Lake convention, Jon from the shop worked in Oni's booth, Greg and those dudes are awesome for letting him do that. We're planning on working the convention next year, so that will be sweet. I went to the convention after an early appointment, I grabbed some new pigment called old gold from my buddy Nate. Nate works at 1896 tattoo in Logan, Utah, he works with Keith Haines, they both do awesome work and are both really good dudes. I got to see quite a few people I rarely see so it was a good time. I will try and update this within the next week or two, hopefully I have some more cool stuff to post. Thanks for looking

Heart of gold tattoo
Salt Lake City, Utah