Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So I have totally neglected a lot of things lately, this blog is one of them, but I have been busy with some stuff. here are a few tacks I've made since my last post, just some that I liked and thought I would throw out there. I'm working on some larger stuff and wanna show that stuff off once its closer to completion. I've been doing a lot of drawing lately, a lot of drawing with markers too, just trying to get myself to loosen up a bit and think about drawing and rendering in a different way. When I use markers to draw I care less and end up liking what I'm doing more. I started doing it because I really want to do some more oil painting and I feel I'm too rigid with my paintings. I need to loosen up more and care less about the end result... So I'll have some of that stuff to show, on here in the next little while.. I did the wrench on my buddy Gerald, I like to look at the picture as if the tattoo was on his thigh, it's hilarious to me.. I did the day of the dead skull on my good friend Matt, he recently started working for peta and moved to LA, so I made that on him as a parting gift. The panther image is a painting I did that is going to be a sticker, promoting this here blog. I did the roses on my friend Erin, she can deadlift and backsquat as much as me, she's tough as nails. The lemon tattoo is on a fella named Kelvin, I did one on his younger brother as well, they were both total champs at getting their tattoos and were a good time to hang out with and chat. The skull, is on my buddy Tom's hand, I was at Tom's house recently and checked out his awesome record collection, I'm not one for vinyl but I was way psyched to see all the gems he had. We had the pleasure of having the shop painted up with some really nice lettering lately, a gentleman by the name of Dan Hardcastle hand painted the lettering on the building for us, he is a true signmaker and is was awesome watching him work. And the free revok banner is self explanatory, Revok is an amazing artist and has inspired myself and plenty of my friends, over the years. FREE REVOK, tax dollars should be spent on ACTUAL criminal incarceration.... Anyway, thank you so much for looking!

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