Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The sign that guides the way

So I have totally neglected this blog, I am an idiot... Anyway, here are a few tattoos I've done in the las few weeks. I had quite a few really fun walk ins lately, the shop is doing well, we're getting busier and busier. I'm really excited for this summer, I might do a guest spot in Athens, Georgia in the fall, which will be awesome, I've never been to the south. I've recently been thinking about my tattooing and where I want to go with it, I've got some ideas about what I wanna do so now it's all about making that happen.

This weekend was the Salt Lake convention, Jon from the shop worked in Oni's booth, Greg and those dudes are awesome for letting him do that. We're planning on working the convention next year, so that will be sweet. I went to the convention after an early appointment, I grabbed some new pigment called old gold from my buddy Nate. Nate works at 1896 tattoo in Logan, Utah, he works with Keith Haines, they both do awesome work and are both really good dudes. I got to see quite a few people I rarely see so it was a good time. I will try and update this within the next week or two, hopefully I have some more cool stuff to post. Thanks for looking

Heart of gold tattoo
Salt Lake City, Utah