Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lifted curses

I got to do this gypsy action on my buddy Chuck, he was visiting for the holidays, it was a good time to make this on him. the holiday was fun, got to see a lot of good friends briefly and hang with the family, ate some good food at Frida bistro and met some new people which was sweet. This large blossom painting was made by Dave (in the photo) and I, it's pretty big, it was way fun. Dave and I saw black swan with my wife and some friends, we then went to the shop to make some drawings and the large blossom painting till like 5 am.. It was sweet! The folks over at revolv magazine were nice enough to give us an entire page ad in their first SLC issue for free! It was super cool of them, we're giving away some gift certificates at their launch party tomorrow. If you're in town come by and hang out, it should be pretty sweet!

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